Open Source development company: website


A company that offers services in an open source framework solutions development needed technology marketing, B2B content writing services, and a new website. The website had to present and sell their services to large companies and governments. The company already had a number of customers but needed a broader clientele. 


We made their

  • Target audience analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Service analysis

Then, we made a vast multi-page website structure and wrote a ready-to-go content for the main sections. As a profound technology marketing agency, we intended to give them extensive information. Though the company told us that they wanted a smaller website. Also, we created the company's positioning page showing who they were. 

Website content writing services for an open source company.


Out of the Structure file, the open source development company implemented a 2-tier structure with 60% of pages. All of them contained ready-to-go content. It also preserved the company's positioning. Now, the company has more clients and larger business. In time, it adds sections that can't help but cheer us up.