IoT+AI development company: B2B articles


An IoT+AI development company needed B2B content writing services and referred to our technology marketing agency for articles. It developed solutions for a number of industries such as Oil and Gas, Telecommunication, and Smart home.


The company provided initial information about what it wanted to see in its B2B content. In these articles, we described how IoT in combination with AI can raise leaving standards in cities: manage waste, street lighting, traffic, and parking. Our B2B content for AI development showed considerable progress of IoT+AI in farming, warehouse management, and more. The articles also contained the description of the technologies used and the tables of high-level developer-customer interaction process for quality leads. 

B2B articles for AI IoT development companies


With our marketing services and B2B articles for IoT+AI, the company offered the new societal benefits and business values to the local authorities and companies that it could implement with its solutions.