Artificial Intelligence development company: B2B Articles


A large AI development product and services company needed technology marketing services, B2B content writing services and applied for articles. These articles aimed to show the company as a leader in its field that could implement the latest AI discoveries. 

The company specialized in: 

  1. Machine Learning - predictive analytics, recommender engines, smart price optimization, social media scraping
  2. Augmented Reality - AR apps
  3. Natural Language Processing - smart chatbots, license plate detection, and more


The company gave us initial information about what they wanted to present. In these B2B articles, we showed the business values of AI solutions in healthcare administrationdrug safety, and e-commerce. These efforts were part of their bigger technology marketing.

B2B articles for AI development companies

We used:

  • the latest scientific findings
  • statistical data
  • similar successful experiences of large companies
  • description of technologies used

We worked together to create the illustrative graphical materials such as charts, tables, and images. 


The company received a stack of materials that position it as a leader in its fields and give in-detail grounding of this positioning. Our marketing services naturally integrated into their workflow.