B2B Articles / Blogs / Guest posts

B2B articles of a company offer emerging innovations that this company could potentially implement. This type of articles aims to lure top businesses to order specifically from this company as a leader. This is important in marketing services for technology companies. They can also aim at fostering public relations. B2B articles can increase the number of scheduled appointments with executives and raise the number of reviews and impressions on social media.

Blogs can give a more detailed view of company's products and services. The specifics of the blogs can convince visitors to download the company's whitepaper and leave their e-mail. Or they can persuade the leads to contact the company on site for more information.

Outreach content for IT

 Professional blogs can educate customers about products and services, show their advantages, and put and answer customers' questions. Targeted blogs can raise SEO, build up the number of hits on the Contact Us button, collect customers contact data, and increase the number of scheduled appointments with sales.

Guest posts are catchy stories that a company publishes on external media platforms. They aim at link-building and contain a link to the company's resources. Guest posts are supposed to raise awareness about the company and increase traffic on the company's website.

Professional articles, blogs, and posts significantly drive marketing services for technology companies.